During my time in Menorca - Spain.   I have seen a lot of nature everywhere.  While doing some of my landscape photography and admiring the beauty of the places I have visited here, I came up with the idea to try to visualize my photographs as if they were paintings.  Based on this, I have been using a lot of long exposure photographs in order to obtain this result.

This is an initial selection of these photographs in which the objective is to look at them as if they were paintings and also to admire the colors and the ocean nature that I have been gratefully observed during my time in Menorca, interestingly enough, the color palette is also the one that you can observe in most of the different cities here in the island.

Now I am looking for some printing proofs to see which type of material help me depict better my initial thoughts in this project.

Soon I will be sharing the proofs.

Photographer: Alfredo Sabando
Printing process:  WhiteWall Germany

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