One of the most known social movements in the world and in Mexico is the one that seeks equality in the exercise of rights of people different from the heterosexual paradigm. The LGBTTTIQ community exists and works to ensure that equal rights are granted. However, the third most common cause for discrimination in Mexico City is sexual preference and / or orientation different from heterosexual. According to the latest survey on Discrimination in Mexico City (i), 89.3% of citizens indicated that gay people are discriminated against, and 64.4% of these people rated that they are highly discriminated against. Abuse is the most obvious manifestation, through ridicule, insults and rejection.
This essay is an approach to the life of Georgie (“GG -yiyi-”, how I also know him), one of my best friends in Mexico, with whom I committed to the task of self-questioning part of the paradigms that exist in the societies on masculinity, homosexuality and heteronormativity. With this approach I want to show a trend of change within the gay universe, where there are several sub-worlds such as androgen, non-binary, bears, twinks, etc. And there is one that I work on particularly: the Beauty Boys.
A Beauty Boy is a gay man who redefines himself in the world of masculinity. Where there is a fine line between being a Drag Queen, versus staying gay, but wearing makeup.  This is a statement of commitment to his identity and the way to express it in a heteronormative world. Photographing GG as Beauty Boy and having a closer view of his life, his commitment to his art, his aesthetics, his references, motivations and thoughts on the problem of the paradigms of societies and his commitment to deliver this message, is the objective of this essay.
(i) Discrimination Survey in Mexico City (EDIS-CdMx 2013).

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