Mon modèle: Paris

As in my previews post, during my eurotrip, I just got three days to rush and try to visit and capture for the first time in my life Paris.
I have to be honest and admit that I had a bit of help from a parisien about the places I should go and visit.  However, it was not that much planned besides typing places and directions in google maps.
It is hard to try and answer the question "How was Paris?" from my family and friends, my response is always: wordless.
For a photographer that has never been in Europe, in this case Paris, is like being in a room full of new and trendy toys for a kid.
After my trip to Paris and in the process of looking again Paris within my photographs, I decided to check them in black and white.   
This is a first chronological mini series of what I saw in Paris in 3 days, for now.

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